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The power of MPXtool multiplied in hardware! Up to 30 stations simultaneously can be monitored, recorded, demodulated, and analyzed! The perfect solution for market monitoring, regulatory compliance, and market research. Utilizing the MA Remote software, you can analyze entire markets a world away as if you were sitting next to the tower!


MPXtool, developed by Leif Claesson, is a feature-rich modulation monitor and RF analyzer designed with today’s FM broadcaster in mind. MPXtool is unlike any other modulation monitor available today! Complete with composite baseband analysis, RF bandscope, demodulated metering, and SNMP to alert various conditions about the signals.

What can MPXtool & LookingGlass Do for Me?


The most powerful tool for testing and tuning your broadcast air chain


Analize your competitors and see how you stack up.

Government Regulators

Collect and record regulatory data for an entire market at once


Leverage the data collected into sales and provide Traffic Proof-of-Performance for RDS

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